Queensland is a fantastic place for all couples to be married, whether local, interstate or based overseas, offering the flexibility for marriages to take place practically anywhere, at any time. Anne provides the freedom and creativity for couples to have whatever style of ceremony is best for them.

There are only a few legal requirements for weddings in Australia, but those that do apply must be adhered to.

The legal requirements are:

  1. Complete a Notice of Intended Marriage. This must be lodged with your Celebrant between one month and eighteen months before your chosen wedding date.
  2. You will need to show identification which can be either a passport OR a birth certificate and photo ID such as a licence.
  3. If you have been married before, the Celebrant is required to sight evidence that you are no longer married.
  4. You must complete a "Declaration Of No Legal Impediment To Marriage" document shortly before the ceremony takes place (usually at the rehearsal if there is one).

And during the ceremony:

  1. The full names of the bride and groom must be included at least once during the ceremony.
  2. 2 adult witnesses are required.
  3. Certain words must be included in the Vows (but additional words of choice can be added).
  4. The Celebrant must state their name and that they are an Authorised Celebrant.
  5. The Celebrant must say certain words known as the Monitum.

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